Move Day Checklist

Move Day Checklist

The big day – Move Day – has finally arrived. Congratulations, you’ve made it this far. But there’s still a lot that has to be taken care of. If you don’t already have your move checklist ready, below are essential to-dos you’ll want to add.

Remember that your move checklist is only useful if you keep it handy. Don’t let it out of your sight. Think of it as a treasure map, and arriving intact to your new home is the chest of gold doubloons. The move checklist is also not written in stone; you can add to-dos as you think of them. The move checklist you start with will be your master plan.

What should be on your move checklist?


  • Make the house safe and accessible for movers. Whether you’ve hired a moving company or you’re doing a DIY move, make sure the pathways to the moving truck are clear. Remove items from near doorways, including rugs and floor mats. Remove the spring on your screen door so it stays open.
  • Pack important papers and valuables separately. Never pack valuables to be loaded on a truck; they need to stay with you. Make sure you’ve also located all your important personal records such as medical records, passport, accounting documents, etc. Keep a copy of your home inventory checklist to hand to your movers.
  • Go over paperwork with movers. Don’t assume you’ll understand all the mover’s paperwork. Read over before you sign and ask questions if something isn’t clear. Get your copy of the mover’s forms, such as the bill of lading or freight bill.
  • Perform a final walk-through. Make sure to do the following:
    • Lock doors and windows
    • Move all boxes and items out of the house
    • Turn off and unplug appliances
    • Shut lights off
  • Do last-minute cleaning. Wipe off counters and pick up any trash.
  • Coordinate map, GPS and contact info. Make sure everyone knows where they’re going. Movers drive for a living, but they won’t automatically know your new address. Give the driver directions and your cell phone number.
  • Load essential provisions. Have snacks, water and other provisions the family might need with you in the vehicle. Don’t forget pet food, water and water dishes for your furry friends.
  • Pack comforts. Check to see that each family member has their must-have comforts like music, tech toys, board games, DVDs, etc.
  • Last to load, first to unload. When you arrive at your new home, you’ll want to easily access these necessities. Load them last or keep them in the truck cab with you:
    • Soap, towels and washcloths
    • Bed linens, pillows
    • A clock
    • Flashlight
    • Paper towels and cleaning supplies
    • One change of clothing per family member
    • A few handy tools
  • Read your utilities. Jot down the readings of your electric, water and gas meters. You’ll want to compare them with the final readings when you get your last utility bills from this residence.
  • Leave garage door opener and keys. Don’t forget to leave the garage door opener for the next owner! Leave any spare house keys, too.
  • Leave a note for the new owners. It should include helpful insider information about the house. Also give them your forwarding address and phone number.

Have a happy and safe Move Day!